vanity sizing

After work, I ran over to Joann’s. They have McCall’s patterns 5 for $5.00.  I picked up a Shirt, Capris, and Dress pattern in sizes 18W-24W.  Initially I thought I’d make the capris and compare the cut, fit, and sizing with the other two Butterick patterns.  Then, somewhere on the drive home, it dawned on me that McCall’s and Butterick are the same company. Not sure how I managed to forget that, but there I was.  To prove the point further, I got online when I arrived home and pulled up their size charts.  McCall’s Size 24W is a Bust of 46, Waist of 39, Hips of 48.  Same for Butterick. And Simiplicity. And Vogue (also part of McCall’s).  Burda Style (same group as Simplicity) was the only deviation, ¼ of an inch smaller on the bust and waist.

What is depressing about this is that, had I a tape measure, I’m sure I’d find that I’m consistently a 24W, unlike the multitude of stores where I can blissfully walk out with a 20 in pants, or even more rarely, an 18!

Which got me onto the concept of Vanity Sizing.  Yes I knew it existed, but I just thought it was for people already skinny enough to be vain.  I’m fat, who am I kidding trying to fool anyone. Well, apparently, me.  I’m fooling myself.  Luckily I’m in good company as this article discusses, Vanity Sizing goes back a long long way. Lucky me.

So I’m too bummed to sew today.  I’m officially fatter than I thought I was.

Fashion Patterns by Coni seams to have me somewhere in the 18-20 range, though. So…there’s a glimmer of hope!



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