snail’s trail block

So I am working on a new quilt. This is for my boy and is titled Snakes and Snakes and Puppy Dog Tails.  I’m using Snakes Trail and Snails Trail blocks, with appliqued doggies. It’ll be cute when it’s done.  Which probably won’t be for 20 years or so, so here are some pictures now.  I’ll have to get with hubby to figure out how to make these medium sized thumbnails (I uploaded them with the wordpress Iphone app and haven’t quite figured it out yet).

Snails Trail Block Centers

These are two centers of the snails trail blocks.

Foundation Piecing Snails Trail Block

I’m foundation piecing the Snails Trail – Here I’m adding the triangles to the center (ah but they aren’t triangles yet!).

Paper Piecing Snails Trail Block

Here’s the next “round” of triangles going on, see how it’s making triangles out of the previous rectangles?

Snails Trail Block

Here it is almost done. Have to trim up the edges better (square it up) and take the paper off the back.

Appliqued Snakes Trail

This is out of order, but here I’m pinning the arc of the Snakes Trail Block.

Dueling Sewing Machines

Here’s just a picture of my workspace, I have my Pfaff and my Brother going at the same time. To my left is a small cutting board, and behind me is the iron and pressing board. Oh and notice the mess.

Snake's Trail Pieces Parts

Here’s a look at my stacks of rotary cut Snake’s Trail pieces. I used the dresden plate acrylic ruler to cut the pieces.

Chain piecing

Chain piecing

Chain Piecing Pennant

String of pairs

Iron's only use

Press press press press press!!! THE secret to piecing good quilt tops.

Arcs for Snake's Trail

I finish a couple before I turn under the edges.

Turning under raw edges

Here I’m turning under the raw edge 1/4″ to machine applique the arc on to the back ground. There are other options with the Snakes Trail (and Dresden Plate’s, which this is based off of). I could piece the entire block…but I’ve actually only machine appliqued once before so I thought I would give it a shot for this. I’ve done a Grandmother’s Fan quilt before, and pieced the curves before, so this was a nice alternative.

Machine Applique

Here the machine appliqueing is under way. Not sure if I spelled that right…


This should actually be first…this is the general mock up of the quilt. Snails trail will be the border, with Snake’s Trail in the middle. I’ll have appliqued doggies here and there. It’ll be cute…really. I think so anyway. :D

Fabric stash

Ok, this should be second…This is my fabric selection prior to some minor changes. First, the “background” fabric got replaced with two different back grounds. One was too cute to pass up; it has little snails on it. The other is kind of a confetti. Both are more yellow than the background fabric I originally picked.

Machine Appliqued edge

Here’s my machine appliqued edge. Looks pretty neat! Notice the snail? Love it!


Looks like slices of cheesecake...

Gosh these are really out of order. Here’s the stacks of pieces after rotary cutting them.





Swatch sheet

Oh so this last photo should be one of the beginning ones as well. I like to do a swatch sheet when I hit the fabric stores. It helps with picking out compatible fabrics. In the blank space is where I draw the sketch of the quilt layout (seen earlier).


So there you have it, a little photo experience of my latest quilt.  I love the colors, browns, yellows, deep blues and maroon. Fun stuff.  I’ve only made like 4 blocks so far. Tons more to make.  I hope I don’t run out of the background snail fabric. It’s my favorite.

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