sewing room

I was beginning to feel cramped so I moved a couple of machines and cabinets around. This opened up more floor space to lay out quilts and patterns. Here are some pix, notice the mess everywhere:

20150526-214656.jpgIt looks more crowded than it feels.  Definitely cluttered. I need to work on that.

20150526-214706.jpgGot all that floor space back, but what a mess.

20150526-214717.jpgHere’s a pile of all the scraps I found on the floor under the cabinets I moved.  Pretty indicative of what a sewing slob I am.

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We are settling in to the new place, finally!  I took what should have been the master bedroom, and made it my sewing room (aka the sewing palace).  The room is HUGE, first of all.  Second, it has this HUGE closet.  Third, it has built in book cases. And fourth and finally…it has a gas log fireplace! J’adore.  The closet has built in shelving as well.  So much shelving, all my many books were able to fit.

I’m wiped out from the last two weeks of moving and unpacking, so I’m just going to post the pix here without too much concern for layout.  I’ll fix it later.

Inside the closet, the builtin shelves and some I brought from the old house.

This is the fireplace and the builtin shelves next to it.

I’ve created this U shaped desk arrangement

Kitty doesn’t let me get any work done here either.



Other Craft Projects:

So last we left off, I was stuck down in the “formal living room,” which is the room you see when you first walk in the door to my home.  Eventually it got pretty tiring to have to explain to people that that is my sewing room and THAT is why that room looks straight out of the TV show Hoarders. So I moved it upstairs.

While doing so, I took the time to organize and set up some nice functional sewing areas.

Here’s what it looks like now:

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