rolled-edge hem

As I was cleaning up the sewing palace, I found a loosely folded pile of fabric and pattern pieces, which turned out to be a dress I had started working on but never finished.   This dressed straddled the time where I was struggling with the sizing of patterns vs sizing of store bought clothing.  The pattern was sized up to 20, but as I’ve previously said, my “pattern” size is really 26 or 28, depending on the pattern.  So, disappointed, I had folded up the pattern and fabric, and shoved it on a shelf.  Fast forward to this past Thursday, in my frenzy of cleaning, and after having just launched my newest web presence, Plus Sized Patterns, I decided that my buddy, Sheri, needed this dress, and it would fit her perfectly. 😀  Please excuse the state of the carpet in my photos. I desperately need to vacuum the sewing palace.  It’s all scraps of thread and fabric.


I laid out the fabric, IMG_1322

then placed the pattern pieces for cutting.


IMG_1326  In less than half an hour, I had a lovely dress nearly made.



Because the fabric is this light stretchy crepe, I decided that a nice rolled edge hem on the serger would be the proper treatment for the neckline, sleeves, and hem.  Having two sergers, one is always set up for the 3 thread rolled edge hem, and the other does a standard 4 thread overlock stitch.  I set up the rolled edge hem serger with the correct shade of thread, and started practicing on scrap fabric.  It immediately made a huge wad of thread and jammed up.  The racket it made while running was terrible to say the least!  After two hours of fighting with the serger, it dawned on me that this machine hadn’t been used in approximately two years.  AND, the last time it was used, I suspected it was in dire need of a tune up.  I took the two sewing machine repair classes, so I’m pretty handy tuning a regular sewing machine.  But we only briefly covered sergers, and what material we did cover didn’t stick at all.

Look at how fuzzy the inside is?  Haven’t touched it in forever. Due for a good cleaning!IMG_1328

So I called my local sewing machine repair guy…$150 for a tune up.  GULP.

I really didn’t want to spend that much money, but I was excited to finish my first post at my new blog.   So…I looked on Amazon, and a new serger was 189.00!

For 39.00 more, I could have a new, better, machine, delivered to my front door.

I went ahead and bought the new one, got it 3 days later, and executed a perfect rolled edge hem within minutes of turning it on.IMG_1360

IMG_1361Can’t hardly see the rolled edge, the color of thread matches so perfectly.


I Finished the dress this evening and gave it to Sheri.  She reports it fits well, but is uhm…rather see-through.  She is going to find a slip and see if it’s useable then.


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