12190954_10153622113644854_7807922382325498848_n 1898285_10153621921254854_5644444689945601136_nSo Halloween was interesting last year.  I took pics of the process of making the Deadpool costume, but I couldn’t tell you where they are.  Basically we used a red morphsuit from Party City, then added the black and white detail.  The black patches are satin, and let me tell you, that was a bad choice.  I should have gone with something like black lycra or spandex.  The satin shredded at the seams, and had little to no stretch.  I lucked out and found some white mesh fabric (why do I buy this stuff?!!?) in my stash, which we used for the eyes.  My son was so happy with the results, he’s hoping it fits again next year!


The “Cake” stuffed animal was paired with my foster daughter’s “Fiona” costume from Adventuretime.  I bough the Fiona costume online, but we decided at the last minute to add the Cake stuffed animal.  That little guy was made in TWO HOURS, with my foster daughter designing and making pattern pieces, doing the cutting, etc.  I sewed, she stuffed!  In the end she got rave reviews for her Cake!


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