11407268_10153318005379854_5709868883052795040_nSo my sister in law came over to my mom’s house one day last year and asked me if I could make a bag “like this one” (I don’t have a picture, but it was a simple drawstring bag with a lining).  I said I’m pretty sure I could, and shuffled off home to my sewing room to try to duplicate this bag for her.  She is a knitter, and she wanted something that could hold a ball of yarn, and would have a nice opening where the yarn would come through, keeping the yarn from tangling while she knitted.


I hit my stash and found some good options.  Good for cat pillows, anyway.






Here’s the first bag I made:


It only took about 30 mins to make this.

Basically the longest part was turning the drawstring!








Here are the pieces cut out:

10463876_10153318095404854_1111408318499740950_n  And here are two photos of a version I made for my husband: 11057778_10153316992304854_1132448930475149412_n11402780_10153316354714854_4875885530874578541_n










Ok, I’ll write up a step by step tutorial here soon…but it’s super easy.  You can probably figure it out from the cut pieces.  If not, no worries, I’ve got the step by step tutorial coming soon.


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Sorry I’ve been absent for so long.  Had some health issues, and life got pretty busy.  But doing much better now!  On to the project posts!

Other Craft Projects:

This is all you get for now. Just a small taste of what’s to come!
PetesCamera662015 111

Other Craft Projects:

New Look 6237.


I’ve already done the pants pattern. Several times.

Finally got around to making the shirt.


I didn’t have the ribbing to make the neckline. This is as far as I got:



Ok, so I found a post. on how to make a neckline for a tshirt using knit fabric.  So I gave it a whirl with the jersey knit fabric the shirt is made out of.  Couple of things.  I HATE how short the sleeves are.  But the recipient doesn’t mind.  So I guess I shouldn’t complain.  But I followed the cutting lines on the pattern.  I really wish I had made this long sleeve as it’s winter here and my foster daughter could use some more long sleeve shirts.  She talked me into short sleeves, but these are just like sleeveless!


Finally, the neckline looks terrible.  I should have cut it from a solid stripe.

But it fits her perfectly and she’s happy.  Makes a good PJ shirt if nothing else.


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I have blog envy.


There, I said it.  It’s not pretty, but there it is.  I’ve been reading some other bloggers in the quilting world, drooling over the things they make, and feeling pretty bad about my small corner of the blog-o-sphere.  I realized this is exactly what happens when I read blogs about people who organize, or flip houses, or any of a hundred other interests.  I get all envious of the work they do, jealous of the time they have to do it all in, and mortified at my own ill attempts at whatever it is that they do so much better than me.  I end up feeling this blah after all the blog reading that can only be described as self-hatred.  Really. That’s what it is.

I don’t have a solution.  Really I’m just venting.  The problem is that perfectionism rears its ugly head, and the competitive nature in me comes out.  My pictures aren’t as artsy, my seams aren’t as straight, my sewing room looks like it always does.


You know what? Who cares?!  I sew for me, and my own happiness.  Lately it hasn’t been bringing me happiness because this perfectionism has been stealing my happiness!  Well, that’s ending today. I’m marching back into the sewing room, and I’m going to throw down some wobbly seams, and I’m going to blog about it 7 months from now, when I remember, or my husband nags me, whichever comes first.  And that’s just how it is here at Sew Messy.  If you were looking for Martha,  you missed that by a mile.


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