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Tea Wallet for my employee


New Sewing machine I got off Craigslist


Working on replacing gears on old singer


Inside of tea wallet


With Tea bags


Horse drawstring bag for Employee’s daughter


Kitchen towel for Employee’s wife


Tea wallet inside for customer


Tea wallet for customer


Tea wallet for employee


Inside of tea wallet for Employee


More new curtains for Dining room.


Migraine mask for booth


Star wars drawstring bag for Employee’s son.


Kitchen towels for customer


Afghan for a friend.


Ballerina drawstring bag for best friend’s daughter


Best friend’s daughter opening her present.


Best friend’s daughter stealing best friend’s present (blankie).


Best Friend 2.0 showing off his gift (a rice warmer thingie).


My name badge for quilt guild meetings. Note the pins! Just need a grey cat now!


Migraine mask for cuz Scarlett


Weighted blanket prototype


Front of weighted blanket prototype


Snakes and snails and puppy dog tales quilt blocks coming along.


Love when Zoe (daughter #3) asks me for help. Modified her shoulder straps to fit her tiny little frame better.


Anniversary present for hubby – pan handle pot holders for his cast iron skillets.


Anniversary present in use

I will just caption all these random pix.  And Well blankie updates are at the bottom. Happy Stitching!





Items for sale in my booth at Sassy and Chic in Rock Hill, SC.


I’ve also been working on well blankie:

IMG_5629 IMG_5631 IMG_5632 IMG_5633 IMG_5635 IMG_5645


Other Craft Projects:

I’m a big fan of other blogs’ awesome give-aways, so I know mine is going to be miniscule in comparison.  But I got these new little quilting helpers, and thought I’d share with my fabulous readers. Both of you.

WowCrafts Wonder Clips! They are to replace basting pins.  I’m loving the concept.  Plus they are so bright and festive. Well, I had to share them.

WowCrafts WonderClipsI will tell you, the jar is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Don’t want to disappoint you when it arrives.  Way to motivate the masses, Donna! 😀

So we’ll do this.  Please comment below, and at the end of the week (Saturday Morning), I will randomly pick a winner from the comments (I’m a database administrator in my real life, so I can randomly generate like there’s no tomorrow).  I’ll announce the winner on the blog, and will send you an email.  We can work out the shipping details and your very own Wonder Clips will be coming your way!


UPDATE: Sheri, is the winner by random drawing! Shocking, I know.

Other Craft Projects:

Having a random day today.  First let’s start with progress on the Well Blankie quilt:

Well Blankie


This is coming out so cool.  I decided to ask my cousin’s family if they wanted to see pix of the progress, or be surprised when it’s finished.  They haven’t decided yet, so I’m keeping these pics off facebook for the time being.  The circles are using HandiQuilter’s Half-Circle rulers.  The rest is getting a loose stipple.

Next on the agenda, I went a little crazy at Walmart.  First, their clearance section had One of these (which obviously came home with me):

Rotary Cutting machineSo far it’s pretty crap-tastic.  I’ve wanted one forever, now I wonder why.  Maybe it’s just me.  Not sure I’ve mastered it, yet.  We’ll see.  Not giving up, yet.

Next at Wallie world…I got a wild hair and decided to kit-out my sewing machine repair Hobby(?) by buying all new tools!!!

toolsThe set was under $10, and the bag was like $6.  I added to the bag my bottle of TriFlow lubricant, tube of TriFlow grease, a lint brush, a 100 count of fresh machine needles, and the universal timing tool…wait.  Where is my universal timing tool? It’s MISSING!  The baggie is there, but the box holding it is missing!!! I don’t know where it is! I searched my sewing room, with no luck.  I searched the living room sewing area (yeah I’ve kind of taken over the living room now, too).  No luck.

After a couple hours of searching, I gave up.  Went to and printed out the order form.  They are $59.00 when not purchased during class.  Guess I should buy two to have a spare one?  Watch the old one surface just as soon as I order the replacements. Grrrr. (and also, mailing in an order form? What year is this???)


And lastly, I’ve added FOUR new machines to my sewing machine collection!  Three were purchased off Craigslist for $40.  Two work fine, but one is missing parts (bobbin shuttle, bobbin gears and shaft).  The one that isn’t working is a Singer Touch & Sew,

Parts Machine

which just so happens to be the same model as is in the cabinet out in the living room.  It came with a crate of gears (for different stitches).  I’m going to try to see if they can be used on the functioning machine.  One has a really nice full cabinet:


Which looks really nice in the living room!

And the third machine (also in a cabinet, but nothing outstanding), is in REALLY good condition:

Singer This is just missing a decent presser foot.  I’ve ordered a new one.  $2.19 off Amazon. Whoo Hoo!

Wait – I lied.  There’s more to this story.

Many many years ago I bought a Kenmore 148, of which I promptly lost the pedal/power cord.  After my sewing machine repair class in 2012, I took it apart and gave it a full service…well as best as I could without having the pedal/power cord.  I periodically would look online for one, but they were all three-prong, where my motor was only two-prong.  Long story just a bit longer, I finally started looking for WHOLE machines of the same model, instead of just the power cord.  Ebay was my friend! Finally I found the right model with what looked like a two-prong power cord.  And they wanted only $15.00 for the whole locked-up machine and pedal/power cord. Wow!  Shipping, mind you, was $25.00!  But I was not to be deterred!  After it shipped, hubby and I the happy highest bidders, it dawned on me that if I found the pedal/power cord once it arrived, then I couldn’t return it.

Wouldn’t you know, while moving boxes around in the sewing room THAT VERY NIGHT, I found the stupid power cord.  Plugged it up and listened to that baby purr!

Here’s the pedal of dishonor: pedalStupid pedal.

Anyway, the other machine is still in transit.  We’ll see how bad it is “locked up” and maybe I can salvage it, turn around and sell it for more than we paid for it.  I’m flipping sewing machines!


So The very next night, I picked up a Singer FashionMate for $20.00, with case.  Supposedly it works perfectly, though the case is pretty dirty.

That’s 5 new machines, plus the old one, which is now functional again! Ha! What am I going to do with all these machines, you ask?

Well, I’ve been putting some thought into that.  I’ll update the blog when I have more details.


Other Craft Projects:


So a couple of years ago I took a week long sewing machine repair course.  I started to blog about it, but never finished the post.  Long story short, it was about 5 hours of talking about Needles.  I did learn a lot. But wow. Needles.  Yeah.

So ffwd to a couple of months ago, I picked up this sewing machine for free from Craigslist.  You see, I was buying one sewing machine, and they threw in this broken one for free.  Yay!  Well, now I’m finally getting around to checking it out.

The first thing I did was to Unwind the bobbin (it was a shoddy wind job).  I thought maybe that was the only issue.  Recalling the words of our repair class instructor, I also replaced the needle.  I oiled the bobbin hook, and various other exposed parts.  I adjusted the bobbin tension. Then I tried running the machine.  The settings were all wacky.  I set everything back to basic, and tried again.  It was running OK, but there was a grinding noise.




Clearly I needed to investigate.  I completely took off all the shell.  Here I have removed the back piece.IMG_4261

Here I’ve removed the bottom plate:IMG_4262


Not sure if you can see it, but there is a silver screw on the back wall…this was holding the front cover on.  I tried everything to reach this through the top, then I realized there was an access hole through the back of the machine. Doh!IMG_4263

And voila! here is the machine with all the cover pieces removed.  I can definitely feel the tightness as I manually turn the handwheel.  Still not 100% sure where it is.  It got to be pretty late, so I called it a night once I got it naked.  Kinda reminds me of the robot at the end of Terminator, after all the flesh is gone.  Interesting thing to note, It looks like most of these gears are metal.  I thought they would be plastic, but apparently not.  The discs that determine stitch pattern (zigzag, etc)…those might be plastic.  But all the other ones appear to be metal of some kind.


Ok, this is cool – before and after of the machine running.



Other Craft Projects:

12190954_10153622113644854_7807922382325498848_n 1898285_10153621921254854_5644444689945601136_nSo Halloween was interesting last year.  I took pics of the process of making the Deadpool costume, but I couldn’t tell you where they are.  Basically we used a red morphsuit from Party City, then added the black and white detail.  The black patches are satin, and let me tell you, that was a bad choice.  I should have gone with something like black lycra or spandex.  The satin shredded at the seams, and had little to no stretch.  I lucked out and found some white mesh fabric (why do I buy this stuff?!!?) in my stash, which we used for the eyes.  My son was so happy with the results, he’s hoping it fits again next year!


The “Cake” stuffed animal was paired with my foster daughter’s “Fiona” costume from Adventuretime.  I bough the Fiona costume online, but we decided at the last minute to add the Cake stuffed animal.  That little guy was made in TWO HOURS, with my foster daughter designing and making pattern pieces, doing the cutting, etc.  I sewed, she stuffed!  In the end she got rave reviews for her Cake!


Other Craft Projects: