I was beginning to feel cramped so I moved a couple of machines and cabinets around. This opened up more floor space to lay out quilts and patterns. Here are some pix, notice the mess everywhere:

20150526-214656.jpgIt looks more crowded than it feels.  Definitely cluttered. I need to work on that.

20150526-214706.jpgGot all that floor space back, but what a mess.

20150526-214717.jpgHere’s a pile of all the scraps I found on the floor under the cabinets I moved.  Pretty indicative of what a sewing slob I am.

Other Craft Projects:

I saw a blog post somewhere where the crafter made a car trash bag for her father for father’s day.  (If you find the link, put it in the comments and I’ll link to her blog.)  The original blog escapes me, but I’ve been mulling the concept over for weeks.  Basically the concept is simple, take a butter tub, cut out the bottom, sew a tube, throw on some ties, and put the tub inside the tube to hold your baggies.




So here is a coolwhip tub (because I can’t find a butter tub), and my heavy duty scissors, because if I used my fabric scissors well, I’d have to put myself in time out.  And there is sewing to be done!

Here I’ve picked out two complimentary fabrics.  Unfortunately these were a door prize.  I thought they would be fat quarters, but they are skinny quarters! 😀  So I checked to make sure the cool whip tub would work with the width of the fabric and it did (foreshadowing).


Here’s the coolwhip tub cut into a rim for my trash bag.


Here I am serging the seams of the main fabric.  I simply zoomed up one side and down the other.


Here’s where Donna starts to go off the rails.  I added this and it was completely useless.  What is it?  Well, I used a bit of the band/ties fabric to make a little lip inside the tube, to hold the coolwhip tub.  It was a good idea in theory (not).


Below I’m eyeballing where to put the band described above.


Here I am sewing the band on.


Here I am testing it out, with the bag inside out. Works great! (Cough, Cough!)


Here I am pressing the band I made with the contrast fabric.  It is the length of the fat quarter.


And here is the results.  What I managed to avoid taking a picture of is that the cool whip rim is FOLDED.  It’s so tight I had to bed the coolwhip tub (not easy) to get it inside the main fabric.


Also, I have a tuck in the center front of the band.  Can’t see it in either picture.

20150307-162815.jpgHere’s the finished Product.  There is no way it will come out and allow me to put a plastic baggie and rubber band around it.  I’m on the lookout for a butter tub now.  When I checked for the width, I didn’t take into account BOTH seam allowances on both sides.  On the serger (so deeper seam allowances).  I’m pretty annoyed with myself.  But it was free fabric, and a free coolwhip tub (thanks, Mom!), so nothing lost, really.  And I learned a valuable lesson.  When copying other people’s blog posts, pay attention to the instructions next time!


Other Craft Projects:

10423946_10152537850754854_4948828833420926690_n 10653866_10152607051344854_77533943319069727_nGosh I don’t even know where to start.

Other Craft Projects:

We are settling in to the new place, finally!  I took what should have been the master bedroom, and made it my sewing room (aka the sewing palace).  The room is HUGE, first of all.  Second, it has this HUGE closet.  Third, it has built in book cases. And fourth and finally…it has a gas log fireplace! J’adore.  The closet has built in shelving as well.  So much shelving, all my many books were able to fit.

I’m wiped out from the last two weeks of moving and unpacking, so I’m just going to post the pix here without too much concern for layout.  I’ll fix it later.

Inside the closet, the builtin shelves and some I brought from the old house.

This is the fireplace and the builtin shelves next to it.

I’ve created this U shaped desk arrangement

Kitty doesn’t let me get any work done here either.



Other Craft Projects:

Finished – Quilts at Home

One of my hobbies is woodworking. Yeah, I know. Like I need ANOTHER hobby.  But I love all things creative, and woodworking is a great outlet.  My husband bought me a book for Christmas last year (and a Lowes gift card!) which was all the motivation I needed to fulfill a fantasy of mine.  A blanket chest to hold all my quilts!  Above are quilts from my ex-grandmother-in-law.  They are hand quilted and are very special to our family. I’m proud to house them in my new quilt chest.

Now before I start showing the pix of the process. I’ll answer the nagging question. Yes, I put polyurethane on the chest. Inside and out.  I know, I know. Lots of debate about the best way to store quilts against wood. I understand that.  This was my decision and I made the best one I could given the choices I had.  So don’t follow my example if you are storing heirloom quilts.  Go read up on the debate if you need more info.  That’s all I’ll say about that here.

Anyhoo – here are the pix of the process. I wish I took more pictures in the beginning.

The earliest picture of it in progress.

Notice the messy garage, and the tell tale Bug headlight?  Yeah, my other hobby is restoring that beast.  I’ll post about replacing the starter someday.

Putting the legs on

Putting the side pieces on

End pieces

Here the Lid is being Glued Together


This is where the long pieces on the side were added on. They are screwed on from the inside out so you can’t see the screws.







Doing the same thing here for the end horizontal pieces. Notice how messy the garage is?  I don’t just sew messy, I woodwork messy, too!







The top is a selection of 1×3 inch pieces of wood glued along their long thin edge together to make a large flat surface. I could have purchased a solid piece, or really it’s a piece that is glued together just like I did, but neater.  In the end this was cheaper and went along with the directions in the book.











Here I’m staining the chest. I chose a Cherry stain which matched the stain I used on my end tables previously in 2013.









And finally:

Here it is finished. We use it as a coffee table, too.



Oh, did I mention that my little Chihuahua, Ping, likes to jump up on it? She’s chasing her ball there.






And here’s the other use for it. It props up the cat.

Kitty Perch


Well, NOT a tutorial, just sharing my journey. It was a learning experience.  The measurements in the book were wrong a couple of times and I had to run back to Lowes Home Improvement (Not to be confused with Lowes Foods) to get more wood.  In the end there are some issues.  I spilled wood glue in a lot of places and it shows up under the stain.  Some gaps are really noticeable on the mitered edges. Luckily the lid is closed most of the time and you can’t tell. 😀

I finished this several months ago…probably took me 9 months total to build, working on it randomly when the mood struck and it was warm enough in the garage.  Before you go asking, my husband helped me carry it inside, and that was it. He’s not handy AT ALL. This was all me, and I’m quite proud of it.  So ladies, feel free to ask for power tools for Christmas like I did.  You’ll surprise yourself at what you build!



Other Craft Projects: