11407268_10153318005379854_5709868883052795040_nSo my sister in law came over to my mom’s house one day last year and asked me if I could make a bag “like this one” (I don’t have a picture, but it was a simple drawstring bag with a lining).  I said I’m pretty sure I could, and shuffled off home to my sewing room to try to duplicate this bag for her.  She is a knitter, and she wanted something that could hold a ball of yarn, and would have a nice opening where the yarn would come through, keeping the yarn from tangling while she knitted.


I hit my stash and found some good options.  Good for cat pillows, anyway.






Here’s the first bag I made:


It only took about 30 mins to make this.

Basically the longest part was turning the drawstring!








Here are the pieces cut out:

10463876_10153318095404854_1111408318499740950_n  And here are two photos of a version I made for my husband: 11057778_10153316992304854_1132448930475149412_n11402780_10153316354714854_4875885530874578541_n










Ok, I’ll write up a step by step tutorial here soon…but it’s super easy.  You can probably figure it out from the cut pieces.  If not, no worries, I’ve got the step by step tutorial coming soon.


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So I have another knitting-related failure. This is an afghan I was making for my daughter where I ran out of yarn.  Specifically the black confetti yarn.  I was using my Ultimate Knitting Machine (cheating, I know), cruising right along, and then discovered I was completely out of the black.  As it is, it’s too narrow to be an afghan.  It’s too long to be a baby afghan.  It’s just long and awkward.  I need ideas of how to fix this. I tried to replenish the yarn for MONTHS.  No longer stocked.  I tried ebay, and even thought I hit pay dirt when I won an auction on the exact brand black confetti yarn.  Turns out that was all green sparkly threads running through the black. Pretty but not what I needed.  So.  Long story short, I could use just black for the remaining squares, all pink strips down the sides, leave it the way it is and just have it be like an end of the bed cover or something like that.  I just don’t know.

Have a look and give me your ideas. I’m open to anything.  I do have plenty of pink to finish.  And I now have plenty of plain black and sparkly black.


Save me!

Other Craft Projects: