OMG I’m madly in love with my newest purchase! No, it’s not sewing related at all! In fact, it’s cooking related – which is a surprise since cooking is one of those silly necessities that take you away from sewing/quilting/crafting!  I have a Slow Cooker, have had one for many years.  I love it, of course. Nothing better than coming home and knowing DINNER IS ALREADY MADE!!!  However, I have a picky eater, who doesn’t like everything mixed together.  To top if off, some of my favorite individual and side dishes could be made in the crock pot, if only I had three to set up at the same time.  Well…I was in Wallie World the other day and what did they have but Crock Pot Hook Ups.  The solution to my problem.

Slow Cooker

Instead of a 6 quart monstrosity that would have us eating leftovers for weeks, since it’s just my son and I most of the time, something smaller is perfect.  And combining the two types together, I get a main dish crock pot, and two side dish crock pots!  Here’s the best part: I got the two smaller one for $36.00 and the Large Oval one for $20.00! They were on clearance! Whoo hooo!

So I’ve spent the day looking for crock pot recipes for tomorrow!  I think I’m going to go with a Chicken, Soup, and Rice recipe.  This will be great because tomorrow is the Quilt Guild meeting, and I’ll need to rush to get there on time.

I’ll keep you posted!

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12190954_10153622113644854_7807922382325498848_n 1898285_10153621921254854_5644444689945601136_nSo Halloween was interesting last year.  I took pics of the process of making the Deadpool costume, but I couldn’t tell you where they are.  Basically we used a red morphsuit from Party City, then added the black and white detail.  The black patches are satin, and let me tell you, that was a bad choice.  I should have gone with something like black lycra or spandex.  The satin shredded at the seams, and had little to no stretch.  I lucked out and found some white mesh fabric (why do I buy this stuff?!!?) in my stash, which we used for the eyes.  My son was so happy with the results, he’s hoping it fits again next year!


The “Cake” stuffed animal was paired with my foster daughter’s “Fiona” costume from Adventuretime.  I bough the Fiona costume online, but we decided at the last minute to add the Cake stuffed animal.  That little guy was made in TWO HOURS, with my foster daughter designing and making pattern pieces, doing the cutting, etc.  I sewed, she stuffed!  In the end she got rave reviews for her Cake!


Other Craft Projects:

12733522_10153835850604854_5932991667155449909_nOf course I don’t get to read it in peace.

Other Craft Projects:

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long.  Had some health issues, and life got pretty busy.  But doing much better now!  On to the project posts!

Other Craft Projects:

So…I finished the blocks for Well Blankie and mailed them off to my cousin.  He and his daughters are going to arrange the blocks the way they like, and sew the blocks into rows, then into the top.  Then they will mail it back to me.  I PLAN on putting a border or two on it, and then quilting it for them.  Need ideas on how to quilt this puppy.


20150526-182820.jpg Here’s the blocks when I was still piecing them.

I found it easiest to pin a stack, sew them, then clip and press.  This became quite fast the last couple of blocks.

20150526-182707.jpg Here’s the stack of finished blocks ready for shipping!

I’m really excited to have this project off my floor.  I even made huge progress on the Poe quilt now that the floor is clear!  That’s for another blog post though!


Other Craft Projects: