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You may remember the Well Blankie Post which, long story short, I made the blocks, sent them off to my cousin to be assembled into a top, and he promptly returned sometime in the last 6 months.  Well, I then promptly did NOTHING with the top.  Until now!  He asked me to add some borders, to increase the size.  I went with a white on white polka dot, and some more of the Michael Miller Garden Pindot in Apple.  Now all I need to do is piece the backing and she’ll be ready for the quilting machine.  I plan on using two layers of batting, one wool, the other 80/20 cotton/poly.

We’ll see how it turns out.


Here’s the finished top:


Other Craft Projects:

Pocket rod panel curtains.


So I’m really behind (what else is new). But I spent the weekend working on a couple of different projects.  One was the curtains for the living room.  We bought the fabric nearly a year ago! And there’s been those lovely paper shades on the windows since move in.  Well, several months ago I got part of one panel done, and then shelved the project for other more pressing things.  I didn’t manage to get the first part documented in pictures…but that’s the easy part. In the picture above, I’m preparing the pocket that the rod will go into.  IMG_4236

Here I have folded over the top half inch, and sewed it down.  Then I folded over about 3.25″ IMG_4237

I verify that it’s exactly 3.25″ with an acrylic ruler, and pin into place.


Here I am sewing down the top edge, about 1/4″ from the left side of the edge of the fabric. IMG_4239

I measured the width of the rod I’d be using, and then moved over and sewed a straight line across the top that distance.  In my case, I actually found that the right side of the fabric lined up with the right edge of the presser foot plate…and I used that as my guide.



Haven’t hung the curtains up yet.  Here they are laid out on the floor in preparation of hanging.  They are lined with 70% sun blocking liner. IMG_4232

The rest of the fabric yet to be made into curtains! (and the rest of the liner)  Hubby picked the fabric. Can you sense a theme?

Other Craft Projects:

That I started last November! wow, this has taken forever.  I put so much into it, and had interruptions galore.  But it’s finally done!

Hoping the recipient will love it as much as I do!

IMG_0083 IMG_0086

Other Craft Projects: