So a couple of years ago I took a week long sewing machine repair course.  I started to blog about it, but never finished the post.  Long story short, it was about 5 hours of talking about Needles.  I did learn a lot. But wow. Needles.  Yeah.

So ffwd to a couple of months ago, I picked up this sewing machine for free from Craigslist.  You see, I was buying one sewing machine, and they threw in this broken one for free.  Yay!  Well, now I’m finally getting around to checking it out.

The first thing I did was to Unwind the bobbin (it was a shoddy wind job).  I thought maybe that was the only issue.  Recalling the words of our repair class instructor, I also replaced the needle.  I oiled the bobbin hook, and various other exposed parts.  I adjusted the bobbin tension. Then I tried running the machine.  The settings were all wacky.  I set everything back to basic, and tried again.  It was running OK, but there was a grinding noise.




Clearly I needed to investigate.  I completely took off all the shell.  Here I have removed the back piece.IMG_4261

Here I’ve removed the bottom plate:IMG_4262


Not sure if you can see it, but there is a silver screw on the back wall…this was holding the front cover on.  I tried everything to reach this through the top, then I realized there was an access hole through the back of the machine. Doh!IMG_4263

And voila! here is the machine with all the cover pieces removed.  I can definitely feel the tightness as I manually turn the handwheel.  Still not 100% sure where it is.  It got to be pretty late, so I called it a night once I got it naked.  Kinda reminds me of the robot at the end of Terminator, after all the flesh is gone.  Interesting thing to note, It looks like most of these gears are metal.  I thought they would be plastic, but apparently not.  The discs that determine stitch pattern (zigzag, etc)…those might be plastic.  But all the other ones appear to be metal of some kind.


Ok, this is cool – before and after of the machine running.



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