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I had to share here.


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12190954_10153622113644854_7807922382325498848_n 1898285_10153621921254854_5644444689945601136_nSo Halloween was interesting last year.  I took pics of the process of making the Deadpool costume, but I couldn’t tell you where they are.  Basically we used a red morphsuit from Party City, then added the black and white detail.  The black patches are satin, and let me tell you, that was a bad choice.  I should have gone with something like black lycra or spandex.  The satin shredded at the seams, and had little to no stretch.  I lucked out and found some white mesh fabric (why do I buy this stuff?!!?) in my stash, which we used for the eyes.  My son was so happy with the results, he’s hoping it fits again next year!


The “Cake” stuffed animal was paired with my foster daughter’s “Fiona” costume from Adventuretime.  I bough the Fiona costume online, but we decided at the last minute to add the Cake stuffed animal.  That little guy was made in TWO HOURS, with my foster daughter designing and making pattern pieces, doing the cutting, etc.  I sewed, she stuffed!  In the end she got rave reviews for her Cake!


Other Craft Projects:

12733522_10153835850604854_5932991667155449909_nOf course I don’t get to read it in peace.

Other Craft Projects:

11407268_10153318005379854_5709868883052795040_nSo my sister in law came over to my mom’s house one day last year and asked me if I could make a bag “like this one” (I don’t have a picture, but it was a simple drawstring bag with a lining).  I said I’m pretty sure I could, and shuffled off home to my sewing room to try to duplicate this bag for her.  She is a knitter, and she wanted something that could hold a ball of yarn, and would have a nice opening where the yarn would come through, keeping the yarn from tangling while she knitted.


I hit my stash and found some good options.  Good for cat pillows, anyway.






Here’s the first bag I made:


It only took about 30 mins to make this.

Basically the longest part was turning the drawstring!








Here are the pieces cut out:

10463876_10153318095404854_1111408318499740950_n  And here are two photos of a version I made for my husband: 11057778_10153316992304854_1132448930475149412_n11402780_10153316354714854_4875885530874578541_n










Ok, I’ll write up a step by step tutorial here soon…but it’s super easy.  You can probably figure it out from the cut pieces.  If not, no worries, I’ve got the step by step tutorial coming soon.


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11401428_10153303744324854_9039058975938637266_nThis is a hard post for me to write.  I loved making this dress, both because I adore the recipient and because it was a complex and challenging pattern.  However, there were some issues with the final result which broke my heart.  Unfortunately I had waited until the last minute to finish the dress and so we didn’t have time to fix the issues, instead simply pinning to overcome them.  I’m just so sad about it, I’ve procrastinated writing up the blog post on it. Anyway, here goes:

I came across the Butterick B5930 pattern, which just screamed SHERI. Sheri agreed! She picked out this delightful fabric: sheri's fabric

10450744_10153314553239854_7546217300891540272_n1607071_10153335920619854_9023904762461252737_nOne of the first issues I had was that I told Sheri to order the incorrect amount of fabric.  After washing and drying the fabric, ironing both the fabric and the pattern pieces, then cutting out the pattern pieces and placing them on the fabric, I unfortunately realized my mistake.  I had to order additional fabric, and then I had to wait for it to arrive.

Once it arrived I washed and dried it, ironed it and then finished pinning the remaining pattern pieces.  All of these were then cut out, and the process was repeated with the lining fabric.  I chose a lightweight lining fabric because this was dead of summer in South Carolina, a hot and sticky prospect on a good day.  And Sheri was doing outdoor family portraits with this dress, so the lighter, the better.





So, a long story just a bit longer, the pattern was pretty complicated.  There were several instances where I had to reread the instructions multiple times and still ended up confused.

Needless to say, there was A LOT of this handy old friend: 11667465_10153344502184854_4563662979452439546_n

Hello Seam Ripper!

Also, because I was rushing so much, I made a couple of clumsy errors.  We won’t talk about those! Haha

But the pieces started to come together:

























11540932_10153348577204854_4996084954764884988_nHere Sheri is trying it on before I hemmed the skirt.  I love the way it falls off her shoulders here.










And her is the final result, I believe with the back pinned.

11659252_10153348921499854_1616220119428397431_nLove the belt and shoes.  I wish I had pics from the photo shoot. Should have thought about that when she showed them to me.

In the end I think the dress looked great, but we still need to go back and fix the issue which required pinning.

I do feel like I let Sheri down in a huge way. I hope she lets me sew for her again some day!

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