Monthly Archives: May 2015

I was beginning to feel cramped so I moved a couple of machines and cabinets around. This opened up more floor space to lay out quilts and patterns. Here are some pix, notice the mess everywhere:

20150526-214656.jpgIt looks more crowded than it feels.  Definitely cluttered. I need to work on that.

20150526-214706.jpgGot all that floor space back, but what a mess.

20150526-214717.jpgHere’s a pile of all the scraps I found on the floor under the cabinets I moved.  Pretty indicative of what a sewing slob I am.

Other Craft Projects:

So…I finished the blocks for Well Blankie and mailed them off to my cousin.  He and his daughters are going to arrange the blocks the way they like, and sew the blocks into rows, then into the top.  Then they will mail it back to me.  I PLAN on putting a border or two on it, and then quilting it for them.  Need ideas on how to quilt this puppy.


20150526-182820.jpg Here’s the blocks when I was still piecing them.

I found it easiest to pin a stack, sew them, then clip and press.  This became quite fast the last couple of blocks.

20150526-182707.jpg Here’s the stack of finished blocks ready for shipping!

I’m really excited to have this project off my floor.  I even made huge progress on the Poe quilt now that the floor is clear!  That’s for another blog post though!


Other Craft Projects: