New Look 6237.


I’ve already done the pants pattern. Several times.

Finally got around to making the shirt.


I didn’t have the ribbing to make the neckline. This is as far as I got:



Ok, so I found a post. on how to make a neckline for a tshirt using knit fabric.  So I gave it a whirl with the jersey knit fabric the shirt is made out of.  Couple of things.  I HATE how short the sleeves are.  But the recipient doesn’t mind.  So I guess I shouldn’t complain.  But I followed the cutting lines on the pattern.  I really wish I had made this long sleeve as it’s winter here and my foster daughter could use some more long sleeve shirts.  She talked me into short sleeves, but these are just like sleeveless!


Finally, the neckline looks terrible.  I should have cut it from a solid stripe.

But it fits her perfectly and she’s happy.  Makes a good PJ shirt if nothing else.


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