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So we have a foster child with us for a few weeks, but I can’t post a picture on the internet, so I’ve selected only certain pix to show this project.

I’ve disguised (with my mad photoshop skills) her face in those where she’s visible.


But here’s the general idea.  We were bored and needed something to entertain her, so I had her draw a cat, made it into a pattern, then made it into a stuffed animal.  You could do this with any drawing for your kids.  I know some etsy stores out there charge an arm and a leg to do the same thing.  This took about half a day and we used fabric from my stash.  So win-win!

First the concept art: ConceptDrawing

Then she drew a larger version on tissue paper


Then she cut out the pattern, pinned it to the fabric:



Here it is after cutting out:CutOutI totally forgot to take pix of her sewing, but yes, she did the sewing herself. Here she is stuffing the cat:


Then she drew a face on, and we sewed on a little nose. Oh and whip-stitched the stuffing hole closed:

CatFinishedAnd here the cat is being loved by the little girl that brought him to life:


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So here are the two lounge pants I made myself.  I made them in size 28, since that’s the measurements I seem to have.  But are crazy loose.  I added some length, as the last pants ended up capris because of shrinkage.



The grey are boring, but they are way more comfy!!!  Great feel to the fabric and a lighter weight.




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So I made myself some plus sized lounge pants in this lizard print fabric.  My foster daughter kept saying how I should make her a pair.  I finally checked the remaining fabric and I had just enough to make her a pair.  Not sure of the pattern I used here.  I’ll come back and update to tell everyone.

ETA: Size 8 and 6 Simplicity New Look 6237

20150221-092702.jpg Here I’m pinning and cutting out.

20150221-092849.jpg  Here the two legs are serged and ready to be put one inside the other, right sides together.

20150221-092910.jpgHere I’m serging the legs together at the groin seam.  Well, getting ready to serge anyway.

20150221-092919.jpgHere the pants are looking like real pants!  This is before putting in the elastic and hemming the legs.

20150221-092930.jpgI created a casing for the elastic, here I’m inserting it.

20150221-092943.jpgHere they are finished! Ignore the sew messy background! 😀


Start to finish it took 45 mins to do these pants.  I made some shorts using the same patterns.  Also took 45 mins (extra time pinning the legs out of the way – I’m too cheap to cut them in case I want to use them again).



Those came out good considering I didn’t put a lot of effort into making sure the hem was even.  These are for pjs so I wasn’t that precise.

I made two other pairs of pants from the same pattern. Here’s attempt number one:


Whoops! Little error there.  Can you see my mistake?  Hearts would have been upside down! LOL not my best move but glad I caught it before I started cutting!


Here are the two other finished versions:

10930846_10153033341414854_1913115416076063592_n 10993072_10153031340779854_232379731855770092_n


Here is a flannel pair of pants using the same pattern.



Here’s a pair of owl pants!




And some smiles to brighten any day!


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