This quilt is for my Cousins Gil and Julie.  They have a quilt they love, called Sick Blankie (long story), and wanted to know if I could try to make something that had a similar weight.  They love Camping, so I picked out some great camping themed Fabric from


Because these are curved pieces, they are a pain in the rear to sew together.  Pinning is the key to success!  First I fold each one of the pieces in half, finding the middle and marking it with a pin. For rotary cutting the fabric, I used the Crazy Curves Ruler from Elisa’s Backporch Designs.


10672405_10152651304884854_42967215229443801_n10649799_10152652520769854_5659969953440481697_n 1424372_10152652521669854_261986763205542225_n

Then I match up the middle pins, then pin the edges, and ease the rest of the curves together.  I sew over the pins because I sew very slowly.  Then clip the curves in the seam allowance and press press press!!!

10710914_10152652522789854_4292399583675753345_n1003396_10152652523564854_3207625974827235566_n  10702110_10152652524299854_6708344417635732631_n


Here you can see I have a stack waiting to go under the presser foot! 😀





There’s still a long way to go on this quilt.  I’m going to quilt it with wool batting, trying to imitate the heft of the original Sick Blankie.  I’ll keep posting updates as it comes along.


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