So we have a foster child with us for a few weeks, but I can’t post a picture on the internet, so I’ve selected only certain pix to show this project.

I’ve disguised (with my mad photoshop skills) her face in those where she’s visible.


But here’s the general idea.  We were bored and needed something to entertain her, so I had her draw a cat, made it into a pattern, then made it into a stuffed animal.  You could do this with any drawing for your kids.  I know some etsy stores out there charge an arm and a leg to do the same thing.  This took about half a day and we used fabric from my stash.  So win-win!

First the concept art: ConceptDrawing

Then she drew a larger version on tissue paper


Then she cut out the pattern, pinned it to the fabric:



Here it is after cutting out:CutOutI totally forgot to take pix of her sewing, but yes, she did the sewing herself. Here she is stuffing the cat:


Then she drew a face on, and we sewed on a little nose. Oh and whip-stitched the stuffing hole closed:

CatFinishedAnd here the cat is being loved by the little girl that brought him to life:


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