1463206_10152613463519854_5015989675872744888_n 10351227_10152629126189854_2272566656921585557_n   10615442_10152620073309854_2064569779877701594_n



OMGosh – I’m so excited to finish this quilt! I started it like a bazillion years ago (15 or so, for real!). Here it is on the new HQ Avante.




It took several weeks to complete, because

I only worked on it every couple of days.






I picked turtle backing, as my daughter loves turtles.  The edge fabric is from my stash.

10616413_10152644058639854_6159757106051061007_n 10649651_10152642956954854_184420283992237003_n






Here it is completed.  Folded up on the couch.









A close up of the Feathered hearts, and the corners on the binding.  I am super proud of the corners!









So that’s it. My first finished quilt on the quilting machine!!!

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