So I made myself some plus sized lounge pants in this lizard print fabric.  My foster daughter kept saying how I should make her a pair.  I finally checked the remaining fabric and I had just enough to make her a pair.  Not sure of the pattern I used here.  I’ll come back and update to tell everyone.

ETA: Size 8 and 6 Simplicity New Look 6237

20150221-092702.jpg Here I’m pinning and cutting out.

20150221-092849.jpg  Here the two legs are serged and ready to be put one inside the other, right sides together.

20150221-092910.jpgHere I’m serging the legs together at the groin seam.  Well, getting ready to serge anyway.

20150221-092919.jpgHere the pants are looking like real pants!  This is before putting in the elastic and hemming the legs.

20150221-092930.jpgI created a casing for the elastic, here I’m inserting it.

20150221-092943.jpgHere they are finished! Ignore the sew messy background! 😀


Start to finish it took 45 mins to do these pants.  I made some shorts using the same patterns.  Also took 45 mins (extra time pinning the legs out of the way – I’m too cheap to cut them in case I want to use them again).



Those came out good considering I didn’t put a lot of effort into making sure the hem was even.  These are for pjs so I wasn’t that precise.

I made two other pairs of pants from the same pattern. Here’s attempt number one:


Whoops! Little error there.  Can you see my mistake?  Hearts would have been upside down! LOL not my best move but glad I caught it before I started cutting!


Here are the two other finished versions:

10930846_10153033341414854_1913115416076063592_n 10993072_10153031340779854_232379731855770092_n


Here is a flannel pair of pants using the same pattern.



Here’s a pair of owl pants!




And some smiles to brighten any day!


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