So the house got so overwhelming that I finally broke down and hired a cleaning lady.  I’m working 45 hours a week, have a 3 hour commute (round trip), I go to school part time, and I’m inherently lazy. So something had to be done. She spent two days tearing the house apart, cleaning under the pantries, moving all the furniture, vacuuming and dusting EVERYTHING.  The house looks amazing.  Of course, I had her skip the sewing room.  The mess was too great in there, and I didn’t want her moving my stuff.  But I have to say, it was totally worth the investment.  The guilt I felt every time a tumbleweed of dog hair went by was incredible. Not incredible enough to motivate me to get up and vacuum. Oh well.  😀

I needed help kick starting me into good chore habits.  The task seemed overwhelming and I’d quit before I’d started.  The other thing is I changed jobs.  Goodbye 45 hour work week! Goodbye 3hours of my day wasted in the car! The new job is right around the corner from my house. And allows work from home!  It will be easy to throw in a load of laundry between writing SQL Scripts (I’m a database administrator in my real life).  And hopefully with the cleaning lady coming every other week, I can keep the clutter under control, she can help keep the main stuff clean, and my house won’t be something out of Hoarders.

Maybe I’ll even get the sewing room to a point where we can get the vacuum in the door! Don’t hold me to that.


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