So…every now and then I think I should try knitting, and I give it a go.  And the same thing happens.  I get about this far:

Doesn’t look horrible…but…

It’s not a bad first (hundredth) attempt at knitting.  But inevitably the same thing happens.  I drop stitches. Or in the case of this scarf, I drop ALL the stitches.  The knitting needle slipped out and fell down the couch cushions.  Whoops!  I pulled out the stitches and started over, determined to knit a scarf.  I got about 10 rows into it and gave up (the second thing that inevitably happens when I decide to try to knit).

I share this with you to make you feel better about yourself.  Learn through my mistakes.  Or something like that.  Don’t do what I do.  I think the title of my autobiography will be “How not to be.”  That about sums up my knitting advice.  I’ll keep trying though.

What I am good at is crochet.  Except when the dog chews up the project I’m working on because she is bored, or vengeful, or both.

That was the case with this project which I had finished several months ago:


Can’t see the teeth marks!

I was so disgusted by her betrayal (how could she!) that I shoved the damaged afghan into a bag and ignored it for a long time.  Until I finally could stand to look at it again, pulled it out and repaired it.  Can’t even see the teeth marks on it now! Heehee

My husband complained that I hadn’t updated SewMessy in a while. I said it was because I hadn’t made any projects.  He pointed out that I was completely wrong.  Don’t ya love when your husband does that? Yeah, me neither.  But unfortunately he was right.

Turns out I worked on a fair few projects in my absence from blogging.

Here’s a neck wrap in process that was a gift for my great friend, Sheri.  I didn’t have a pattern, but saw a neck wrap on Miss Fisher’s Mysteries and decided that one in sparkle yarn was a necessity.  I wish I had a picture of Sheri wearing it.  Maybe before the winter is behind us she’ll send us one.

Lacy and sparkly = Awesome


I also crocheted an afghan for my Grandson for Christmas.  Usually I do a lot more gifts by hand, but this year I was overwhelmed with school and work. Well here is the zigzag afghan in progress, and in use.  Also didn’t have a pattern for this one, just winged it and lucked out.


So that’s about it for crochet projects in the last couple of

months.  I’ll keep working on the knitting but don’t hold your breath!

Other Craft Projects:

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