I had rather emotional experience recently; I thought I’d share.

I gave my daughter a quilt kit which I had kicking around for years un-started.  It’s an Eric Carle “Very Hungry Caterpillar” quilt kit, purchased at QBee Quilts in Charlotte, N.C.  .  The kit was a printed center with borders, and small four-patches in the corners.


She held onto it for a couple of months with no real idea where to start.  Then one day my mom, my sister-in-law, and I were sitting around discussing the fact that we didn’t throw my daughter a baby shower (long story – she did get a shower, just not from me), and we still wanted to throw her a party.  So we came up with the idea of a “Pregnancy Pamper Party,” with just the girls and with a focus on MOM, not BABY.  Not that we aren’t super excited to meet the baby, but we just wanted to pamper mom! That’s all there is to it!




My Tribe!

With the idea in place we set about trying to figure out what to DO at this party.  My great friend Sheri suggested crafts, rather than games, which was an idea we all loved!  Emmie, my daughter, had vetoed games at the previous shower, so I wasn’t even going to try!  Suddenly it dawned on me that the craft we should do was the quilt kit.  None of my friends or family are quilters, so this would be a great time to share my hobby with not only my daughter, but also my friends and family. I was extremely excited.

We got together a couple of weeks ago and all took turns sewing the strips on the quilt, and after just a short couple of hours, my tribe of friends and family had created with Emmie the quilt top for her son.

The next weekend we headed over to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia and got MATCHING fabric for the background. Talk about luck! We then headed over to my mom’s house and took over her dining room.  We set up my Handi Quilter and Pfaff Grand Quilter, and proceeded to load the quilt onto the poles.  Unfortunately, I got things mixed up, but it’s still working, so don’t look too closely at the pictures.  Have I mentioned recently how the whole point of this blog is that you can make wonderful, nearly perfect things without having to beat yourself to death with perfectionism? Well, yeah, so there’s that. Don’t.


My Daughter and My Mom Piecing the First Border

Tina and Mom piecing


Finished Quilt Top

Where was I? Oh yes. So Here’s the quilt ready to be quilted on the Handi Quilter.

LOVE the handi quilter

And here’s a close up (sorry about the blurriness, the machine was going), of the stipple quilting she is doing on the white part.

We are about 60% done, yet I’m blogging this because I’ve been slack and haven’t blogged anything in a log time. And I’m so proud of my daughter who has done 99% of the quilting herself.  She’s really gained a lot of confidence since her first tentative stitches to now, where she just flies along, painting with thread.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.

In fact, after one session I just broke down crying on my drive home.  Had to pull over to regroup.  It just hit me that we are all moving up a generation and I’ll be the grandmother that quilts.  I’ve always been the Youngster who quilts (started at 15 years old), and now I was teaching my daughter, who was working on a quilt for her son.  It was all very circle of life.  And I feel like this quilting is bringing me closer to her. Something we are working on together which gives us time together, we talk and laugh, and she’s becoming confident in her talent.  It’s just a really beautiful thing to watch and be a part of.  Sniff!

Ok, so I’ll post pictures (when we are done) of the finished quilt.


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