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But I’ve fallen in love with a house that is in complete disrepair. It’s two blocks from the main intersection of this cute little sleepy town about 30 mins from where I live. Population 5,000. The house is dirt cheap because it’s falling in on itself. But I’m madly in love with it. We’ve considered buying it and blogging our progress of fixing it up (which sounds fun if not exhausting). But the financing we thought would be available to help with repairs (203k), apparently doesn’t apply to this house. I’m not sure why…except that it might be too far gone. I realize this isn’t a restoration or renovation blog, and this is woefully off topic. However, it falls in line with my wondering about the rest of my life and what to do with it. Could we fix up this place and I could run a little sewing machine repair business out of the front? A small quilt shop? It’s big enough that I could buy a long arm quilter and set up my business of long-arm quilting. It also falls into the category of major projects I take on and then probably never finish!
There is so much wrong with the house, I don’t even know where to begin. There is a leak in the ceiling (though not the roof) which has brought down the plaster on two floors. There are creatures living in the attic. There are lots of rotten boards on the exterior. The basement is a disaster. Parts of the house that were added on later are tilted seriously. The stairs will have to be completely rebuilt. The kitchen would need completely overhauling. I just can’t even think of everything. Anyway – here are the pictures, look for yourself.

Other Craft Projects:

My daughter is going to use cloth diapers for her son when he comes in just a few short weeks.  When she was a baby I used cloth diapers as well.  Particularly useful were these “all in one” diapers.  The diaper, the plastic liner, and a cover were all sewn together, and little velcro tabs replaced the dreadful pins.  You rinsed out the “solids” into the toilet, soaked the entire thing, then threw it in the wash like a regular diaper.  It was the convenience of disposable, the eco-friendliness of cloth.  When she told me she wanted to use cloth diapers, it dawned on me that I could not only probably makes some pretty easy, but I could also do it cheaply using only stuff I already had on hand!

I love giving myself challenges!

So here’s a quick tutorial on how I made All in one diapers.


First, make a pattern. I copied a newborn sized diaper.








So above is the diaper, to the right is the pattern it made. NOTICE the perfect drawing…NOT.


Then, using a waterproof mattress pad from when my 10 year old was a baby, I cut out the patter and marked where elastic would need to go.

I did the same with an old flannel baby blanket, an old cloth diaper (also from when the 10yo was a baby), and some white flannel I had laying around.

The elastic was added (in hindsight I wouldn’t add this to the waterproof pad…it just put holes in the waterproof part).

I serged around the edge, leaving an opening to turn inside out.

I then sewed Velcro onto the tabs and across the front.  It came out so cute I decided to make more. This one was in denim.

And here are the finished diapers.  I hope to come back and add pix of the baby wearing them when he joins us.

Other Craft Projects:

Here are some gifts I made my daughter for the baby shower. Let’s just say I’m excited to meet the little guy!

Other Craft Projects:

So last we left off, I was stuck down in the “formal living room,” which is the room you see when you first walk in the door to my home.  Eventually it got pretty tiring to have to explain to people that that is my sewing room and THAT is why that room looks straight out of the TV show Hoarders. So I moved it upstairs.

While doing so, I took the time to organize and set up some nice functional sewing areas.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Other Craft Projects:

I finished it, now I just need to send it to Australia!  Here’s the finished afghan

Other Craft Projects: