If I were organized, this would have been the first blog post.  I’m not. Get used to it.


The name “Sew Messy” is appropriate for me and the way I craft. And live really. 😀

Kitty likes the Chaos of my former Sewing Desk

I’m trying to keep the chaos of my craft room out of the rest of the house, but sometimes it is extremely difficult. Our house doesn’t have a dedicated area for crafting, where I can shut the door and ignore the mess.  Currently my craft room is shared space in the formal living room. The dogs stay in there at night (in their kennels), my son uses that room for his homework, the piano takes up most of the wall space.

This weekend I decided I had to do something about the mess, so I set about to improve the work flow of the room, toss as much as I could, and generally organize that which I had to keep.


I didn’t get very far.

I’ll show you pix here in a minute.  But again, going back to the name.  I am not a Martha.  I don’t have a pristine workspace, perfectly ordered bins for my bobbins and pins.  If I want to find my pins, I walk around barefoot in the craft room!  These blogs that show off their immaculate spaces, dedicated to the “art” of sewing and crafting, drive me crazy.  First of all, we don’t have the space for such things, secondly, I think it puts people off.  I recall making my second ever quilt on a very very badly tuned $15 garage sale sewing machine, in the middle of my living room floor. That quilt is still in use today, nearly 19 years later.  The stuff that comes out of my sewing room is, I have been told, pretty darn cool.  The sewing room itself…not so much.  My methods aren’t textbook, I take short cuts, I cheat all the time.  I don’t pre-wash my fabric all the time; I don’t always iron my seams before going to the next step (sometimes I do, though).  I buy bias tape from the store instead of making my own.  I don’t take gorgeous shots of my precious children wearing my creations using my uber-expensive SLR that I spent two months reading the manual on.  I use my iPhone; I use the flash; I borrow other people’s kids to model (most of mine are grown and out of the house).

It’s just the way it is.

But if you are able to look past all this, you just might enjoy watching what I’m working on, learn a thing or two, teach a thing or two (leave some comments, please!), and hopefully feel good about your OWN cluttered sewing room!  See…I’m just hear to make you feel better about yourself! 😀

So here are some shots of the sewing room..this is IN PROGRESS..not even the before shot (don’t have one…remember: disorganized).

Please don’t call that Hoarders TV show and suggest me for next season….

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