I was at Walmart the other day, looking for yarn, and happened upon their sewing machine collection. It’s a long story which I might one day share, but I lent/sold my pfaff embroidery machine to the mom of my good friend.  Long story short, it’s not coming home any time soon, nor do I seem to be getting paid for it. I should be irritated, but I know where they live, I could go pick it up if I wanted to. She’s using it, I assume, and I’ll get it back some day.  My friend will track it down.  However, I did need to do some embroidery, so I’d been eye-ing a cheap gap-filler.

I wanted something cheap, that could do fonts, that would also sew button holes with one touch.  The Brother SE400 seemed to fill every check box I had, and it was under $400.  A price I could afford with my Pfaff in limbo. It also has the drop in, horizontal bobbin, which I love.

Check this out, amazon has it for just over 300 and free shipping for Prime members.

I’ve just opened the box and gotten out the manual, so I don’t have a review for it yet.  Some of my first intended projects are personalizing some Aprons that I sell.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, here’s a blog I’ve found BrotherSE400 which appears to have reviews of the machine and accessories. I’ve already ordered the larger hoop.

For the record, I bought the machine from Walmart.com for 349.00, used Ship to Store, and paid about $25.00 in sales tax.


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